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Recommended Products

Silverette are small cups crafted out of pure 925 silver that fits over and helps to protect and aid in healing sore nipples in the breastfeeding period
Wearable pump for hands free pumping
Silicone Breast Pump that can be used for gentle suction, or just as a collection device for leaking breastmilk
Collection Kit for Colustrum harvesting in late pregnancy or immediate postpartum
Support and freedom to busy breastfeeding and pumping mamas. Pump, nurse and support - all with one haakaa bra!
Sunflower Lecithin helps you avoid developing plugged ducts. As a natural fat emulsifier, it can help to reduce milk “stickiness,” keeping it from clumping together. Product is also suitable for use outside of breastfeeding.
In the situation where supplemetation is necessary, it can be at the breast with a SNS
Same idea as the Hakaa but in a different design. Catch every drop of milk that occurs naturally during breastfeeding, pumping, or anytime you feel milk full.
Hands free wearable pump. Has flange insert capablity to makes sure you have the perfect size fit.
For a more affordable, portable option for pumping, where you manually control the amount of suction and rhythm, without being connected to a power source.


I am such a fan of Danielle Gauss because her content and education is so on point and engaging. She has an amazing presence on social media, I encourage you to check her out on Instagram. In addition to this she wrote a book and came out with video series to complement. She is a great resource for all breastfeeding dyads, first time parents to experienced parents.
Dr. Jack Newman is a world renowned pediatrician , based in Canada. He is a wonderful resource for all evidence based breastfeeding information from the normal to the complications. I always recommend my clients check his resources out. In practice I used his videos and information sheets to educate the people that I counseled. It always makes a difference when you can see a visual of what is normal and know how to troubleshoot when there is an issue.
Dr. Ghaheri is an ENT based in Ohio with a clinical interest in babies that have breastfeeding issues. He brings the evidence about tongue ties and how they may be connected to breastfeeding issues. His website has lots of resources for people who want to learn more about these issues.

Lactation Consultants

Tongue Tie Providers